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My Still Photography Site

Recently several of my still clients told me they had found their way here, instead of to my still site.  So, in case you are looking for my still site, Blue Sky Digital Photography, here’s the link.  And if you are looking for my motion site, you have found it, so read on!

Fine Photography for the Artist and Craftsman, by Jason Dowdle



A New Video for Lowe’s Home Improvement

This is a recently-produced Video for Lowe’s Home improvement.  Once again it was produced and directed by Nick Heim and Junction Road Pictures, and once again we used the CamBlock motion control system.  This one was particularly complicated.  Lowes wanted multiple sets, and multiple floors for each set.  They also didn’t want any cheesy CGI.  They wanted real floors in all the sets.  We wound up building four sets with four separate floors for each set.  All the floors were on casters and could be rolled in and out of the sets.  How did we deal with the furniture?  It was all suspended or attached to the walls, just off the floor.  The floor would roll in and then be wedged up to meet the baseboard and furniture.  We also had to light everything so that it would look nice on every floor, and light in such a way that the stands and cables would not interfere with rolling these huge floors in and out.  Really challenging, with a lot of overhead rigs.  Then on each set we would set up a motion control tracking shot, shoot it with a floor in place, reset the camera without moving the track, remove the floor, roll in the new floor, shoot the tracking shot again, lather, rinse, repeat.  When it was all done it was possible for Nick to seamlessly disolve between the shots, allowing everything that didn’t change between shots to be continuous in the final shot, while the floors magically transformed from one to the next.  Enjoy!

Oh, and here’s what it really looked like…

Finished Video for Lowe’s

Hi, Folks,

So here it is, the finished video for Lowe’s Home Improvement.  This is the video I referenced in my previous post.  I got to play with some really fun toys on this, especially the CamBlock motion control system.  We used it for all of the transition shots you see in the video, allowing the editor to make transitions in the middle of moving shots, for a really neat effect.  This piece was produced and directed by Nick Heim and Junction Road Pictures.  Based on the feedback Nick has gotten, Lowe’s is pretty happy with it!  Time to think up something cooler!


Shooting for Junction Road and Lowe’s Home Improvement

I just came off a really fun job for Nick Heim and Junction Road Pictures.  The idea was to show that you could give your kitchen a really nice facelift for not too much money.  Visually what we wanted was an interesting way to show the transitions from the old to the new.  I suggested using a motion control system and Nick was all over it.  We rented a CamBlock system, which turned out to be fantastic!  We did a number of before and after shots of the transitions on the set, and we tested the shots right on set to see how well they married up.  It was seamless.  So we have these really nice motion-controlled dolly shots wherein everything stays the same except the one thing that changes, and it changes in the middle of a moving shot.  Sweet!  The final product is not finished yet, but here are some stills from it.  We shot at Contrast Creative in Cary, N. C., using my Sony FS100 and Canon lenses, out-putting to a Pix240.  Nick Heim directed, I DP’d and shot, Jordan Heywood AC’d for me, Matt Hedt gaffed, Tony Holderfield gripped, Adam Wamsley PA’d and Bryan Hoffman acted as Nick’s AD/Production Coordinator.  It was a great team.  I’ll post the finished video as soon as I can.  In the meantime, here are some stills from the shoot.


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Max Miller Kickstarter Video!

So Max’s Kickstarter site has been up for about three weeks and has already surpassed the goal he set to allow him to publish his graphic novel in  print.  Congratulations, Max!  Here’s a link to his site in case you want to check out the graphic novel Shattered With Curve Of Horn.

And here is the video I helped Max produce to use in his promotion.  As I indicated in an earlier post, I shot and lit it myself.  We worked in Max’s studio for most of the coverage and the interview.  Then we used my studio for some of the more complex b-roll, including 60fps and 120fps shots of the pages falling the the book flipping.  We worked with my Canon 5D for the interview, and shot the b-roll with my Sony FS100.  Nick Heim of Junction Road Pictures handled the edit, and I think he did a superb job.  Once again, congratulations, Max!  (Did I mention Max is my nephew?)